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Today, Akhetaten is known as Amarna, a sprawling archaeological site in the province of Minya, halfway between Cairo and Luxor. With its beautifully decorated tombs and vast mud-brick ruins, it is the best-preserved pharaonic city in Egypt. Tell El Amarna Egypt Akhetaten, Amarna. 8,833 likes · 310 talking about this · 315 were here. Cidade de Akhetaten Egypt. Sonhada, idealizada, projetada e desfrutada pelo Faraó Akhenaton, sua esposa Amarna : A Guide to the Ancient City of Akhetaten (9789774169823).pdf writen by Anna Stevens: An illustrated cultural guide to the archaeological site of Amarna, the best-preserved pharaonic city in Egypt Around three thousand years ago, the pharaoh Akhenaten turned his back on Amun, and most of t Posts about akhetaten written by Mena Narmer.

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He also King Tut's full name was Tutankhaten. He was born in 1341 BC in Akhetaten, Egypt's capital city as the time. His father Akhenaten and his mother was one of Akhenaten's sisters. He was known as Tutankhaten when he was a prince, until he became king at the age of nine. He was known as Nebkheperure for the next three years. When he became the king of Egypt at the age of nine he … Akhenaten (pronounced / ˌ æ k ə ˈ n ɑː t ən /), also spelled Echnaton, Akhenaton, Ikhnaton, and Khuenaten (Ancient Egyptian: ꜣḫ-n-jtn, meaning "Effective for the Aten"), was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh reigning c. 1353–1336 or 1351–1334 BC, the tenth ruler of the Eighteenth Dynasty.

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Akhenaten chose this name for himself after his conversion to the cult of Aten. Prior to this conversion, he was known as Amenhotep IV (or Amenophis IV). 2014-10-13 · Akhetaten was the capital city of the Dynasty XVIII king, Akhenaten, called by some ‘the heretic king’. Akhenaten, formerly Amenhotep IV, built his city in a bay of cliffs on the east bank of the Nile as a center for the worship of his ‘new’ religion, Atenism.

Akhetaten egypt

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Akhetaten egypt

As the god Aten was hailed as “The mother and father of all people”, and Akhenaten was the representative of the god on earth, he may have chosen the androgynous image to show that he was more than just a man; he was the embodiment of the Aten. Akhenaten (aka Akhenaton) is one of Ancient Egypt's most controversial and notable pharaohs. He ruled for 17 years during the 18th Dynasty and came to be known by some fascinating names, including Great Heretic , The Heretic Pharaoh, and Rebel Pharaoh . The heretic pharaoh didn’t stop there. Akhenaten moved his royal seat from Thebes north to a completely new city he called Akhetaten (modern site name: Amarna) and oversaw an artistic revolution that briefly transformed Egyptian art from stiff and uniform to animated and detailed.

Akhetaten egypt

Akhetaten. Artonde dynastin, 1353 - 1336 f  Ankhesenpaaten föddes i en tid då Egypten var mitt i en oöverträffad religiös upp i staden Akhetaten (nuvarande Amarna ), etablerad som kungarikets nya  Nu kallad Amarna, Akhetaten, var en kortlivad egyptisk huvudstad byggd av verkar vara de första kopparlegeringen tå ringar som upptäckts i antika Egypten. I deras historiebruk och användning av historien kring Akhenaten så finns Akhenaten var farao i Egypten under perioden 1352-1336, vilket i den  in thebes. Thebes in Egypt A Guide to the Tombs and Temples of Ancient Luxor. Another, abandon Akhenaten and Akhetaten in favor of Amon and Thebes.
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Akhetaten egypt

1353–1336 or 1351–1334 BC, the tenth ruler of the Eighteenth Dynasty. Akhenaten (r.

1 Overview 1.1 Amarna Egypt 1.2 Akhenaten 1.2.1 Dawn of Man 2 Unique Attributes 3 Strategy 4 Music 5 Mod Support 5.1 Events & … 2014-10-13 Also known, more properly, as al-’Amārnah; the site of Akhetaten, Egypt’s religious capital in the 14th century bc, which was built by the heretic king Amenhotep IV to honor the sun-disk (Aten) in ancient Egyptian religion. The site is important for archaeologists and scholars specializing in ancient Near Eastern and biblical studies not only because of its expansive archaeological Akhetaten El Minya Egypt information, tours, prices, booking. Akhetaten El Minya was the capital city of the Dynasty XVIII king, Akhenaten. In fact, Akhetaten called by some “the heretic king”.
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1899), Vol. II, p.